Relaunching, with Caffeine!

It’s been some time since this blog got my attention, what with podcasts and two new books demanding so much energy. But in a few weeks I’ll be launching, the new hub for all things emotional connection, Living the Questions, and Raphael.

In honor of the impending launch, and the link to this blog on the new website, I’ve uploaded an interview for your listening pleasure.

I did this interview last summer with Stephanie Gunning, the creator of a wonderful free Web program called The Great American Think Out. Check it out here.

This interview amuses me because I’m my most caffeinated, animated, and free-wheeling. Truth is, I was walking around in my backyard, babe in arms, trying to keep her quiet enough so as not to be distracting. Plus, my mind was racing and all synapses were firing in an unusually unguarded way.

I hope you enjoy it, and I promise to lay off the matte when we meet at the next workshop! To listen, click on the link below.

Stop Thinking Now Interview with Stephanie Gunning


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